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Term Glossary

Ancestral Cord Cutting

Ancestral Cord Cutting

Releasing Generational Patterns

Ancestral Lineage Healing

Ancestral Lineage Healing

It ran in the family until it ran into me.

Auric Healing

Auric Healing

The aura and aura healing

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Balance Overactive and Underactive Chakra

How do these issues effect me?

Chakra Activation

What is a chakra activation?

Chakra Clearing

Clearing the energetic trauma and energy held in your chakra

Clearing Entities

Having an attachment

Essence Retrieval

Retrieving your essence

Ethereal Cord Cutting

The importance of cutting and healing Ethereal Cords

Fragment Soul Healing

The 5 aspects of our soul and how it fractures

Imprint Removal

How removing lower vibrational memories helps us heal

Oath/Vow/Condemnation/Curse/Binding/Stigmata Removal

Releasing the energetic curses within

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