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Oath/Vow/Condemnation/Curse/Binding/Stigmata Removal

Releasing the energetic curses within

Oath/Vow/Condemnation/Curse/Binding/Stigmata Removal

Your words are so powerful in life. How words are directed to yourselves and towards others can create energetic connections and vice versa. Your free will and intentions play a big part in these connections to others. Outside of words, you may feel the energy of something that feels bad. It may start to feel invasive and intuitively you may feel as though something is wrong. Sometimes your own thoughts and fear may give it more power creating and fueling a more negative experience. On the flip side we also have the ability to remove these connections and take our power back. Nothing is more powerful than our connection to ourselves and nothing controls your experience but you. Below are examples of the different types of energetic connections that can shift your experience and examples of how that might present itself.

Oaths: We can make an oath to another person and it is so deep that it can even follow us into other lives. For example, your house may catch fire. The fire is spreading quickly and your neighbor runs in and frantically helps you gather your children and bring them to safety. Your gratitude is so deep and your emotions are so high that you say I will always be there for you no matter what. Now, this situation could be entirely different than really loving your friend and casually saying I’ll always be there for you. When the house was on fire and you saw your children were about to die and you looked your neighbor in the eye, you said this with deep meaning. You said it from your belly, your solar plexus. In another life you may run into this person and just always feel like you owe them. You are overly nice and just can’t explain why.

Vows: On a light note when we get married we say our vows. We say them with such meaning and those vows to that other person creates an energetic connection to your love. Sometimes we say vows coming from a very negative place and these vows can shift us and our reality. We can have a spouse that cheats on us and we vow never to trust another again, or never to love again. These moments are created through hurt but they are said with such conviction. You may actually find that it is hard to trust again, hard to love again after those moments.

Condemnations: We can condemn other people that make us angry. There is a theme with how this energy sticks if you haven’t noticed. Most often it is very emotion based and said with strong intentions. Here is an example of how a condemnation may surface. Your brother is the black sheep of the family. He is a drug addict and has tried to get clean over and over again. He has burnt every bridge in the family but you still love him and want to believe that one day he might get better. He comes to you and begs you for help. You decide to invest in him and pay for rehab. He goes to the rehab, gets out, starts using again, and steals from your home to pay for the drugs. You go ballistic and you say to him, you will always be a failure and will never be accepted by anyone in our family EVER again. These words are powerful and will affect your brother's energy.

Curse: Yes curses are real. Just as there are light workers there are people that work in the dark. Just so you understand how the energy is sourced I will explain how the darkness can shift your reality. As a lightworker we do not use our gifts to consciously perform any negativity towards another human being. We are not able to use source energy to harm other people. There are people that work in darkness. Sometimes they may sacrifice an animal for the animal energy to source negativity towards another person. There are other people that actually connect to the lower level realm. Some may look at it as devil worshiping. People can actually connect to these entities to source negativity towards others. There are other ways that people do this but these are just a few examples. When this happens there is an energy presence that can connect to you. Sometimes you just feel it. Sometimes it is followed by bad luck. Now, if you give this power it will certainly be strong and possibly get worse. This energetic connection can be removed permanently and healing can be brought in.

Binding: A binding is a sticky situation. I can use an example of something that I have seen and removed before. There was a client where another person was siphoning energy from them. The connection was so deep and the issue started in a previous life. The other person bound themselves to the client and continued through lifetimes to just completely drain the client. My client felt so tired and overwhelmed. She had such a loss of power, so helpless to have this situation happen over and over again. She was in the field and was very knowledgeable about this work. She would cut ethereal cords and then it would start all over again. Essentially, the root cause of this issue needed to be cleared out. The energy needed to be separated. This original situation needed to be cleared for her current situation to stabilize.

Stigmata: A stigmata is a religious connection and wound that is carried within an individual. A stigmata can surface physically for people such as experiencing wounds on the hands or feet that are similar to the wounds Jesus had when he was hung on the cross. This can also be accompanied by phantom pains. Some people experience visions or emotions connected to the crucifixion. This can cause a lot of psychological instability. It can be very scary for people. Some people look at this situation as being chosen. Essentially, anything that shifts your energy, emotional state, physical body in a negative way is not in your best and highest good. Sometimes people inadvertently tap into these situations subconsciously and it does damage to their energy. Once that gateway is open it is hard to close. Having a professional remove this energy can bring in the healing needed.

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