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Valerie Moon

Psychic Healer/ Rescue Medium/ Breathwork Facilitator

Valerie has undergone training in the world of academia as well as spiritually.  This process of starting her journey as a healer for others started with her own personal healing and self love journey.  This deep connection and trust with herself and divine sources is what leads her as a practitioner. In her practice, Valerie emphasizes the significance of humility, recognizing that the journey involves constant learning, growth, and self-healing to better serve those seeking healing from her. She holds deep reverence for the universal knowledge and insights shared with her in the realm of spirit.

About Valerie

Valerie has possessed a heightened sensitivity to energy since childhood, a quality that initially confused and overwhelmed her during her formative years. The challenges arising from her innate gifts made life perplexing, as she struggled to discern whether the emotions she felt were truly her own or belonging to others. The draining impact of the low vibes further compounded with her unresolved trauma, creating a chaotic existence.

Reaching a breaking point, Valerie took a profound dive into understanding both her trauma and her gifts. This transformative journey cultivated a profound level of empathy and love for the individuals she now works with. She intimately comprehends the pain, avoidance, emotions, triggers, and reactions that accompany life's struggles. Her personal experiences created the ability to lead with understanding and compassion, allowing her to perceive each unique perspective.

Valerie's outlook invites others to see life through a different lens, recognizing that everyone is navigating their own personal journey, laden with difficulties. She acknowledges the universal challenges we all face and understands that these diverse experiences contribute to individual paths of healing. Every facet of Valerie's life has intricately prepared her to guide others, bringing awareness and unconditional love to her clients. In her practice, there is no judgment—whether one has battled addiction, faced difficult choices, or harbors aggressive tendencies, all are embraced without condemnation. For those reading this, the acknowledgment of readiness to embark on a healing journey is celebrated as a beautiful step forward.

Valerie's Gifts

Valerie possesses extrasensory perception (ESP), endowing her with an extraordinary hypersensitivity to the energy that surrounds her. This unique ability transcends the conventional five senses, often referred to as the "sixth sense." Her predominant clairs in her practice include clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairaudience, enabling her to read and physically sense energy with a depth akin to the sensation of touch.

Every form of energy carries a narrative and influences individuals in diverse ways. When Valerie connects with her clients, she perceives and physically feels any energetic blocks within them, a skill particularly potent in the realm of shadow work. No detail is overlooked, as everything ready to undergo healing is revealed through the energy that touches her, pinpointing the precise location of wounds.

Valerie's ability to sense vibrations in her surroundings allows her to clear lower vibrational energy within individuals, their homes, or even objects holding deep personal significance. In certain instances, the low vibrational energy she encounters may manifest as beings, such as earthbound spirits or other entities that intrude upon our spaces. Recognizing that each dimension carries a distinct vibration, Valerie has honed the craft of attuning herself to communicate with energy for the purpose of healing—a beautiful and intricate skill.

While Valerie's work bears similarities to that of a Shaman or Shamanic Practitioner, she refrains from adopting this specific title to describe her practice. Her extensive training with various divine sources has broadened the scope of her healing methods, extending beyond the confines of traditional Shamanic work.






Valerie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, graduating Cum Laude from Umass Boston.  

Valerie's spiritual education extends to multiple mentors specializing in rescue mediumship, akashic record reading, the subconscious mind, and various healing modalities. This diverse training equips Valerie with a comprehensive skill set to support individuals on their spiritual and healing journeys.

Completion of Reiki I, Reiki II, and Reiki Master with Carol Cleary Seichim Master.  Certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master

Jon Paul Crimi School of Breathwork Certified Breathwork Instructor & Facilitator.

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