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About Me

With Valerie Moon 
The Shadow Mother

Valerie's Calling:

Valerie has been energetically sensitive since she was a child.  In her younger years it was really confusing and overwhelming.  Her life experiences were challenging because of her gifts.  She didn't really  understand it all.  Whose emotions were hers or someone else.  The low vibes she felt were exhausting too.  Between that and her lack of healing from her trauma, it was chaos. She reached her breaking point and finally dove into understanding her trauma as well as her gifts.  All of this led to such a deep level of compassion and love for the people she is working with.  She understands the pain, the avoidance, the emotions, the triggers, and the reactions.  Her overall life experience has allowed judgment to be nonexistent with her clients.  You can see everything a little different.  You understand that people are just here living life and on their own personal journey.  Everyone's journey is hard.  We all have such unique experiences to help bring us to a point of healing.  She realizes that every part of her life was preparing her to help others by bringing a level of awareness to her clients with unconditional love.  You will not be judged if you were an addict, aborted a child, ran away from your family, stole something from someone, have aggressive tendencies, you will be judged for nothing.  If you are reading this you are ready to heal and that is beautiful.

Valerie's Spiritual Gifts:

Valerie has extrasensory perception (ESP) which makes her hypersensitive to all energy around her.  This ability doesn't use the typical 5 senses which is why many call it the 6th sense.  Her strongest clair's within her work are clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairaudience, She has the ability to read 

energy and physically feel energy as you would experience touch.  All energy has a story behind it and affects us in different ways.  When Valerie connects to her clients she can physically feel these blocks within you which is a strength within shadow work.  Nothing is left behind.  Everything that is ready to heal is shown through the energy touching her and showing her where the wound is.  Because she can feel all vibrations around her, she is also able to clear lower vibrational energy in you, your home, or even objects that have deep meaning to you.  Sometimes the low vibrational energy is actually a being.  It may be an earth bound spirit or other entities that sometimes invade our space. Every dimension carries a different vibration and attuning yourself to communicate with the energy to heal people is a beautiful craft.  Valerie's work is most similar to a Shaman, or Shamanic Practitioner.  She does not use this title to describe herself within her work because she has also trained with other divine sources and there is a wide variation of healing taking place outside of traditional Shamanic work.


Valerie's Educational Background:

  • Valerie has trained in spirit from Ascended Masters, Gods, Shaman and her Spirit Guides.   Valerie understands the importance of humility in this work. We are constantly learning, growing, and healing ourselves so we can better serve those that need healing from us.  She honors the universal knowledge and process that is shared with her in spirit.   

  • Valerie graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Psychology from Umass Boston. 

  • Valerie is a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master. 

  • Certified Breathwork Instructor and Facilitator

  • Spiritual training with multiple spiritual mentors that specialize in rescue mediumship, akashic record reading, the subconscious mind, and various healing modalities. 

How Can Valerie Help You:

  • You are looking to shift patterns within you

  • You want to heal your trauma

  • You are looking to activate your chakras

  • You are looking for empowerment tools so you aren't dependent on practitioners

  • You are already a healer looking to raise your vibration to enhance your gifts

  • Your house is haunted

  • You think you might have an attachment

  • You think you are suffering from soul loss

  • You want to step into your power and don't know how

  • You have been to therapy and can't seem to change behaviors that are destructive.

  • You are experiencing a spiritual awakening and are overwhelmed and don't know what to do

  • You want to break generational patterns for yourself or so your children can have a different experience

  • You believe you have Karmic issues with someone and don't know how to clear it

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