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Fragment Soul Healing

The 5 aspects of our soul and how it fractures

Fragment Soul Healing

There are 5 aspects that make up our soul. These aspects of us make us whole. There are times when we suffer damage and that damage to the soul needs healing. It is almost like fracturing a bone. During our living experience we can have a soul retrieval done to heal the damage from the trauma that created the issue. There are situations post mortem that can create a fracture where there is a fragment of a soul that needs help. If a past life is triggered there are times where the soul has not crossed over and may need healing and help crossing over, this is what I call fragment soul healing.

Sometimes people have a hard time understanding how a past life could be earthbound and yet you could still be alive. Here is how I always explain it to my clients. If you take your hand and close your fist, that is what we would see as our higher self. Now open your hand and allow all your fingers to open. Your fingers represent your lives. Each life does have its own consciousness. So although we are one, we also have a conscious awareness of who we were separately. So when a fragment of a soul is stuck here our higher self and all of our other lives are still connected together on the other side. We still continue our mission of ascension and reincarnate. So it is not necessary for each part of us to be crossed over for us to be born.

Here is a list of the 5 different aspects of the soul. There are examples of how a soul may fracture and why a fragment of us may stay behind.

The Physical part of the soul is connected to all things physical. This is how your soul physically connects to you. So if you had a traumatic death such as an abrupt car accident for example, the physical part of your soul may still exist within your body if your heart's still beating and other parts of your spirit may leave the body because of the trauma. Your soul becomes fractured. This is just an example and does not happen every time there is a car accident. Oftentimes you will reunite crossing over but there are times where there is a trauma loop of the incident that needs attention and healing to help the soul along.

The Emotional part of the soul is tied to our deep emotions. Emotional reactions do stem from the subconscious and our experiences combined. In this case when death comes during completely overwhelming emotional circumstances it may cause a fracture. This fragment will need emotional healing to cross over.

The Mental part of us is a very conscious part of our soul. Our thoughts, awareness of our surroundings, our free will. Just as our thoughts can torment us while we are alive they can do the same post mortem. There are many reasons that a mental part of our soul can fracture, starting while we are alive. Trauma can create a split within our soul to protect us from ongoing abuse which some of us recognize as multiple personality. Our severe negative thought patterns can also tear through our mental part of our soul. After death, if parts of us are trying to cross over and there is a part of us that needs to stay and has unfinished business, this can create a fracture as well.

The Karmic part of us knows why we are here in this life. What we are facing from our past lives. We have all had many past lives in which we used our free will that may have created an imbalance within the karmic flow within us. We carry certain missions in our life to balance out some experiences from our past lives. If we do not complete what we start out to do we may not feel we are worthy of crossing over. There is a heaviness that creates this fracture leading to a fragmented soul. We also carry the weight of our experiences within this life as well. If you hold a tremendous amount of guilt or shame around your experience it is possible for it to be so strong that you don’t feel you deserve to leave.

The Spiritual part of your soul is your higher self. Your higher self is the ascended version of yourself that is always in the spiritual realm. This part of you can make an appearance here during your life experience but this part of your soul never gets stuck after death on earth. Your higher self is here to guide you in what is in your best and highest good. Sharing information to you from the other side to help you along the way.

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