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Auric Healing

The aura and aura healing

Auric Healing

Our aura is a combination of all of our energy that is projected slightly outside of our body, typically up to three feet out. There are many dynamics that make our Auric color. When we shift our physical, mental, or emotional state it can be seen within our aura. The aura shows both positive and negative aspects within us. Here are some examples of how every experience will shift our auric field creating a different combination and variation of colors: When we are learning, happy, angry, eating food, have a shift in our physical health, just had a spiritual healing, took something into our body. These are some examples of how our auric color will change.

Each layer in the auric field is connected to a single chakra. I have listed the different layers and associated chakra with descriptions below. Most people experience 7 layers but there have been people that have been able to see and connect with up to 12 layers. The more ascended you are the more you will have access to. The lower chakras and layers represent our daily living and physical experiences in the physical plane. The upper chakras are connected to our spiritual experiences in the spiritual plane. The astral plane (heart chakra) is the bridge between the physical and spiritual. The aura can be iridescent, vivid, flicker, sparkle, be deep in color, ripple, and so on. All of these different ways in which the aura is seen is connected to different experiences. For example a flicker may be a thought and so on.

When you have a mega healing done, sometimes your guides will show a rip, tear, or dip in the auric field. This can happen for a variety of reasons. You may have an attachment (refer to attachments for more information), gotten into a big fight with a loved one, or may have many energetic memories (imprints) surface in a short period of time. Below is an example of how someone may suddenly get a tear in the auric field.

There is a domino effect when someone has an experience that is stressful. For example someone that has PTSD can be triggered by something that reminds them of the root cause of their PTSD. That energetic memory can come straight to the forefront. All the emotions, the visual of the experience, and sometimes physical sensations will surface from that all in a matter of seconds. Then other painful memories that were similar to that experience may start to come forward. The different moments that you have previously been triggered start to shift right into your reality. Then there is that actual experience causing it all. This is a lot! I call the energetic memories imprints (add hyperlink to imprints). The imprints carry a lot of lower vibrational energy. The lower vibrational energy surfacing within a short period of time and so abruptly can create a tear in the aura.

When your aura is compromised, other energy can shift into your energetic field. Here are some examples of what that might look like. 1. You can pick up attachments (insert hyperlink to attachments). It is like leaving the door to your house open for anyone to come in when you have a tear in the aura. 2. If you have a damaged aura and go food shopping and are around a lot of people, you can absorb energy. This can create anxiety or emotions taking in energy that don’t even belong to you. Having your aura wide open from a tear, you begin feeling what is around you. When this happens it is hard to differentiate what is you and what is everyone else, this can create emotional or physical reactions from the subconscious. 3. Outside of feeling everything around you, you are also losing your energy. Your life force is just as important as food, water, and other basic necessities for survival. You can feel tired, moody, or sick, etc.

When Valerie is shown this type of issue by spirit she will heal what is compromised within the aura. She will report back with the layer that was affected and repaired. This information can be helpful in understanding why it happened as each layer is connected to a different part of your well being.

1st Layer- Etheric Body- the lower conscious connection to the physical body- located 1-2 inches off body. Associated Chakra ROOT- physical security, finances, basic survival, and shelter. This layer is in constant motion and colors range from light blue to gray. This layer is connected to the vital and physical body and the five senses. This layer sustains the physical body to allow the connection to the higher self as we need grounding and balance to have these connections. What we eat, our exercise, etc. shifts this layer. If we are more athletic or physically sensitive the color appears different. If we are experiencing pain or pleasure there will be a shift within the etheric body.

2nd Layer- Emotional Body- the lower conscious connection to the emotional body- located 3-4 inches off the body. Associated chakra SACRAL- emotions, relationships, creativity, sexuality, and joy. The emotional body is composed of different clouds of color that fluidly move. The colors are a variation of the chakra colors and can appear clear, vivid, or muddy. The muddy color being more of a lower vibrational emotion. This layer is associated with feelings and emotions. How we perceive ourselves, others, and our interactions will shift this layer. Sometimes when people are releasing imprints, it will appear like a thicker ball of color being released out of the auric layer.. It is possible to see every color in this layer. It is important to be able to talk about your emotions to have a healthy aura.

3rd Layer- Mental Body- the lower conscious connection to the mental body- located 4-8 inches off the body. Associated chakra SOLAR PLEXUS- decision making, belief systems, self confidence, motivation, and thoughts to actions. This layer is usually yellow in color with finer energy. This layer is most easily seen around the head area as it is connected to the mental process’, but can be seen around the whole body. This layer is connected to left and right brain waves. So our emotional connections to our thoughts will add varying colors. If we have strong thoughts and emotions to something we can manifest this energy whether positive or negative.

4th Layer- Astral Layer- the bridge of lower, higher, and linear bodies- located 4-10 inches off the body. Associated chakra HEART- love, forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, empathy, and peace. This layer looks very similar to the emotional layer but the colors appear more exquisite. Sometimes there are hues of pink connected to love. There are two aspects of the astral layer. 1. The linear body- This is how we connect to and communicate with others. We pick up on vibes, both positive and negative. We send energetic messages like little bubbles or balls of information from this layer to others as we communicate. This communication can be very subconscious and often we are unaware that it is happening. 2. This layer is the hub connecting to and communicating with our physical and spiritual self. For example there is a doorway to our soul which resides in our lower heart chakra. This connection is in this physical life, our soul purpose and mission. There is also a doorway to our higher heart chakra which connects us to our higher self which is our purest, awakened, and enlightened form of ourselves. There is communication between all of the bodies within this layer which is reflected in the aura. Some ways of communicating between the higher and lower consciousness is through dreams, thought, and awareness of synchronicities. 3. Our physical to physical, mental to mental, and emotional to emotional layers are communicating from the spiritual to the physical body as well.

5th Layer- Etheric Template- the higher conscious connection to the physical body- 6-12 inches off of the body. Associated chakra THROAT- communication, express and receive thoughts and feelings, creative expression, and importantly sound to matter. The color is a dark blue background with geometric lines or creator lines. This is similar to the etheric body but darker blue. The blueprint is the master plan of everything on the physical level. It is as if the template holds space for the etheric body to shift whether through age or physical changes. When something is wrong with the etheric layer (physical) you can come here to find out what is wrong and how to bring it back in balance. The template also connects to our words to communicate energetically with this template. In turn, we have the ability to manifest our words into reality. Why? Because sound is energy and energy creates matter. It feels somewhat magical how it all works. The mind, body, and soul have to be all connected for manifestation to happen.

6th Layer- Celestial Body- the higher conscious connection to the emotional body- 12-24 inches off the body. Associated chakra 3rd EYE- decision making, wisdom, memory, clarity, and awareness. The spiritually emotional body brings in the ability to connect to universal love or Christ consciousness energy. The colors in the celestial layer are iridescent and pastel like an abalone shell. It shines brightly outward. The energy connection in this layer is of a higher power and brings in unconditional love to other beings. It generates energy radiating outwards. This is our connection to the universe and as we heal and raise our vibration we have a stronger connection to this layer and the beautiful divine energy it holds. Releasing the lower vibrational energy of the physical emotional body in the second layer brings a stronger connection above.

7th Layer- Ketheric Template- the higher conscious connection to the mental body- Associated chakra CROWN- spirituality, connection to all things, connection to source, patience, and balance. 24-36 inches off the body. This layer has different cord connections that range in color from silver, gold, and white. There are hundreds of cords connected to this layer. This layer is what holds the energetic connections to our past lives and lessons we have already learned. The knowledge of these lives are communicated to us so we don’t have to experience the same lessons over and over again when we incarnate. It also allows us to step into what we know and creates who we are. Sometimes just talking to someone you can feel they are an old soul, it is because of this energetic connection. This outermost layer is very strong and thick. The vibration of this layer is high and fast as it is a constant flow of energy creating our mindful reality. This layer brings in the energy we know as life force. We need different types of energy to survive such as food, water, and our life force. This energy connects everything within our energetic system and creates the functionality of the chakras and energetic systems that keep us alive.

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