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Balance Overactive and Underactive Chakra

How do these issues effect me?

Balance Overactive and Underactive Chakra

There are many reasons a chakra may become over or underactive. When healing intentions are set, you send signals that this work is being started. All energetic issues associated with this issue are pulled forward. If you are attending a trauma workshop dealing with very heavy energy in a short period of time this can also create an overactive chakra. Your very intense emotional experiences can have the same effect on your chakra system. Underactive chakras occur when you pull inward rather than outwards. Repressing all of the energy and emotion that comes along with any given situation listed above. This can be healed by a healer and sometimes on your own if you are a mindful and balanced person. If these issues are ignored it can lead to physical illness. There are emotional and behavioral symptoms that are connected to an over/underactive chakra. You may not have all of these symptoms. I have added a list below.

At the end of your mega healing Valerie does check each chakra and if it is shown that there is an over or underactive chakra, she brings the chakra back into alignment.

1. Root Chakra Overactive: Rage, anger, jealousy, feeling a lot of resistance to change, fixation on material items, dominant behavior, feeling anxious, fear, paranoia, overeating, rigid boundaries, or thrill seeking activities.
1. Root Chakra Underactive: feeling disconnected from the world, distant from family or relatives, very tired, depressed, passive behavior, hard time setting boundaries with others, weight loss, surrounded by drama, finding yourself in a lot of arguments.

2. Sacral Chakra Overactive: overwhelming emotions, high sex drive, showing addictive tendencies, not setting good boundaries with people, excessive guilt, co-dependency within relationships, overindulgence, compulsive behaviors.
2. Sacral Chakra Underactive: anti-social, low self esteem, insecure, judge yourself, self deprivation, have a hard time focusing, out of it, cautious, guarded, loss of interest in sex, feeling numb or unemotional, loss of creativity, loss of joy.

3. Solar Plexus Overactive: hyperactive, aggressive, dominant behavior, narrow minded, bossy, arrogant, competitive, insatiable need for change, conceited, self centered, need to be right, need to be perfect, critical, workaholic.
3. Solar Plexus Underactive: low self esteem, can’t take accountability, no will power, lack of confidence, hard time standing up for yourself, low energy, slow metabolism, hard time setting boundaries, feeling alone, isolation, victimization, trust others more than self.

4. Heart Overactive: co-dependent, falling in love fast, indiscriminate, anger, resentful, clingy, jealous, self sacrificing, conditional love, misusing money, overindulgence of self, conceited, self centered, spiteful, staying in toxic relationships too long.
4. Heart Underactive: feeling shy, walls up, shut down with emotions, can’t let go of the past, not feeling loved or wanted by others, depression, isolation, low self worth, lonely, anti-social, suspicious of intentions or surroundings.

5. Throat Overactive: the need to gossip, not being able to hear others, habitual lying, compulsive behavior, interrupt people, dominant harsh voice, racing thoughts, arrogant, condescending, need to have the last word, no filter.
5. Throat Underactive: fear of showing your authentic self, suppressing your feelings, afraid to speak up, can’t express yourself, feeling insecure, hard time with change or transition, writers or creative block, feeling nervous, timid, introverted, lack of focus.

6. Third Eye Overactive: can’t concentrate, brain fog, often go down a rabbit hole, hard time manifesting, overthinking, over fantasizing, not being able to discern fact from fiction, delusion, hallucinations, hard time with everyday tasks, nightmares, obsessing with psychic vision and thinking everything is a synchronicity.
6. Third Eye Underactive: poor memory and perception, denial, have a hard time seeing the truth in things, ignoring your intuition, self doubt, close minded, lack of imagination, difficulty seeing a future for yourself, trouble with visualization, chaos, negativity, naïve, disconnected from your wisdom.

7. Crown Overactive: extreme intelligence, doesn’t connect to the human body, strong concern for humanity, too trusting of spirit and the universe, underactive lower chakras, no sense of self identity, overwhelmed frequently, judgement, having addictive tendencies towards your spirituality.
7. Crown Underactive: feelings of separation, feeling lost and confused, lack of awareness in your purpose, not being open minded, memory issues, being forgetful, a need for isolation, lack of faith in the universe or higher power, overactive lower chakras, feeling disconnected from humanity.

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