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Frequently Asked Questions

What is energy healing? Energy healing is a treatment in which energy is transferred from the healer to the recipient. Energy healing can also consist of removal or transmuting of lower vibrational energy and replacing it with healed energy. Oftentimes energy healing is healed in layers and needs multiple treatments to achieve initial healing intentions. Energy healing is non-invasive and has been used over most cultures and religions.

Are there different types of healing? There are many different modalities of energy work all are unique and help people in different ways. Valerie is trained in several modalities which are all incorporated in the work she does. She has been trained in shamanic technique, reiki, and is a breathwork facilitator although she has been trained in spirit to use other forms of energy work to clear trauma, past lives, ancestral trauma and lineage healing, soul retrieval, essence retrieval, as well as balancing and reprogramming of the energetic body. Valerie primarily works within the subconscious energetic body.

What is generational ancestral trauma? Oftentimes we can see our similarities between us and our relatives, such as our eye color, hair, or body type. We can also find that we are naturally good at different things that our ancestors are good at too such as carpentry, sports, music or sewing. It’s almost as if we don’t need to even try and we pick up these talents. It doesn’t stop there though. We also can find that some negative traits are passed down through the lineage as well. There may also be trauma that is passed down such as abuse. There are now studies that show how trauma is ingrained within our energy from our ancestors. I have attached a very interesting article showing how fearful memories are passed down in mice which cause fear based reactions. I really encourage you to read this to see the importance of healing our ancestral lineage to stop this sharing of energy to our generations to come.

What are shadows? We are all here learning very different lessons in this lifetime. We may have been trying to learn these lessons over many lifetimes. Shadow work is an accumulation of energy that is flowing through us from our ancestors, past lives, and our current life that creates fear based subconscious reactions that are unhealthy responses to our relationships and within. These behavioral patterns can be very frustrating and most of the time so overwhelming that we really don’t know where to start with healing this. As we go through life and find ourselves in similar situations we hope that we have enough self awareness to try to make the healthier choice and learn the lesson. What can be really frustrating when our mind is on board to be healthy but there is still a pull to the unhealthy reaction. We can find ourselves projecting onto those around us when we are triggered in any situation but in reality that trigger is a clue to use of what needs healing within us. Addressing our triggers brings in peace, self love, and a tremendous amount of compassion for others as you realize that we are all navigating the same situation.

What is shadow work? Shadow work with Valerie Moon Healing will make sure that the mind, body, and spirit are on the same page so you aren’t constantly trying to convince yourself to make the healthy choice, it comes more naturally and with clarity. Valerie uses a 3 step process that will bring you fully into alignment with the work that you do. She starts with Mega Healings which will heal ancestral cords, ancestral lineage, past life, and current life energy that is creating the issues of seeing your situation through a broken lense. She then dives into inner child work with you, addressing the moments that needs were not met in this life. She ends with a very physical and deep reprogramming of the energy field using breathwork, shamanic healing, and reiki. Each aspect of this work provides extreme shifts within your triggers. This is a very unique approach that is unique to Valerie. She has channeled this process with her spirit team. This form of energy and program healing is transformative.

What should I expect before my treatment? Stepping into this work starts with intentions. Your first phone call starts diving into processing and acknowledging the connections to the pattern. This is all led by spirit. Everyone that starts working with Valerie has a chart and a treatment plan to accomplish the pattern shift they are looking to work on. Right after that first phone call the energy starts moving within you. After all, intentions are what creates your reality. Valerie does not choose the order in which these cords are removed and they need to be cleared in a specific order to bring in the healing. Outside of not being able to choose what ancestral cords go, there needs to be a level of awareness and accountability within the shadow or it can not be healed. If there is still resistance, if it doesn’t resonate, or projection onto others, this may not be ready to heal yet. That does not mean you should give up. There is other healing that can be done to support you to get to the point of “ready” with your intentions. You may notice you are triggered within the topic of the clearing as everything is pulling to the surface in preparation for your session. You may feel emotions, have dreams, or be sleepy. This is normal.

What should I expect after my treatment? Similarly to the days leading up to your session you may be slightly tired, have repeat thoughts, have random memories pop into your head, or weird dreams. If you are feeling emotional before or after a treatment it is important not to hold in your tears. We release lower vibrational energy through crying, it is very healing. If you find that you're a little overwhelmed after your healing, Valeries is here to support you. Having support during shadow work is crucial, so please send her a text message if you need help to process anything or need your energy cleared because you are emotionally overwhelmed. You are not bothering her, this is all included in your clearing/healing session. You may not experience any of this, and that is okay too, it doesn’t mean your treatment didn’t work. There are reasons why some energetic memories surface and clear after the session is over. Each session is unique and different so just be open and make sure that you show up with compassion for yourself.

How do I come into alignment faster? It can take up to two weeks to come into energetic (subconscious) alignment after a Mega Healing and up to one month for the (conscious) mind to get on board. This is normal. If you are looking to support yourself in coming into alignment faster here are a few ideas that may help. 1. Salt baths 2. Journaling feelings 3. If Valerie shared a lesson or challenge during a past life viewing, step into the work 4. Meditation 5. Positive affirmations around your healing intentions. 6. If you are reiki certified you can reiki yourself. If you are not reiki certified, did you know that anyone can get this healing attunement? You can and it is a huge help in supporting yourself with shadow work. Valerie knows some awesome teachers so make sure to ask her for a referral.

Do you need to be religious to do energy work? Energy work is for everyone, not just the religious. Valerie does not practice one religion. Valerie aligns with many different practices which is why she connects more the the world of spirituality rather than isolating herself into one religion. She comes from a place of non judgment and is here to support anyone on their journey no matter what their situation or religion as long as they are ready to step into a change.

What happens if we set intentions to do work and I don’t want to do it anymore? If you start a series of treatments and decide to stop please make sure that you take a moment to mindfully clear your intentions of this work. Why? Because you want to settle your energy back into everyday life. You do not want to leave all of this energy pulled to the surface just sitting there triggering you over and over. Simply say out loud “I am changing my intentions to stop my shadow work, please allow my energy to align accordingly.” Thank you.

Why is Valerie Moon Healing listed as a Ministry? Great question! We opted to structure as a Ministry to take Valerie Moon Healing out of the public domain, which allows us to not only focus on promoting spirituality, but to run our organization in a way that aligns with our core values. If you would like to know more, or if you are interested in establishing a faith based organization for yourself, please email us at

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