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Imprint Removal

How removing lower vibrational memories helps us heal

Imprint Removal

Every single experience that we have is stored within our energy. The good and the bad. When we have bad experiences or trauma that energy is held. The best way to understand how this affects us is looking at an individual that suffers from PTSD.

We can use a soldier that experienced war for example. The soldier went to war and witnessed and partook in very traumatic experiences. The soldier comes home and goes to see a fireworks celebration. The noises from the fireworks sound very similar to the bombs that went off at war. This immediately pulls up the imprints from the situation. When the imprints rise up it is as if the soldier is experiencing this moment in live time. All of the emotions, fears, hypervigilance, the need to just get to a quiet place is a must. It may even be difficult for the person to verbalize what is happening because it is overstimulating. This is an extreme example of how imprints surface and shift our experience. When this does happen, when we are triggered by something from our past, it is very real for us.

Our emotions, our reactions, our fears, and our thoughts around it all can be so hard. There are many ways that we organically release imprints. People oftentimes go to talk therapy to work through these moments so they can process it all. Talking can be very helpful. Talking can help us process trauma so we can let it go. Emotions are also another way we release imprints. Allowing the imprints to surface and just allowing the emotions to just come out. Embracing it all and letting it be. This is very healing for us. Some people feel the need to be in nature and ground themselves to release imprints. Mother Earth is such a beautiful support for all of us. She can really support our healing and even allow us to release our imprints for her to transmute. Some people just love hiking, laying on the grass, or even those hugging trees to heal.

Outside of some of the natural ways above that we release this lower vibrational energy we can have energy work done to release the trauma within. With strong intentions around the themes that we work on together, these imprints are pulled to the surface and transmuted. Divine healing is brought in to fill the voids, the areas that were once filled with this lower vibrational energy. Clearing these imprints will permanently raise your vibration. It is very beautifully shifting. It also helps release those triggers of the experience so you can process your current life rather than constantly being triggered from the past.

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