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Essence Retrieval

Retrieving your essence

Essence Retrieval

Essence can have different meanings spiritually. I will describe how I see essence and why I feel it is important to do essence retrieval during a mega healing session. Our essence is the truth of our soul. There are qualities that carry energy that is held at our core, almost like our soul DNA. To me our essence is light and it radiates out for others to receive who we are. Essence to me feels different than our soul. We have essence that carries our presence. Sometimes you can look at someone and it can feel angelic and nurturing just by looking at them in the eyes. Or you can be around certain people and immediately feel protected and safe. Some of the different traits that essence holds are power, playfulness, nurturing, protective, inspirational, energizing, authoritative, engaging, and so on.

Over our lifetime and through our experiences sometimes we lose our essence or our essence is taken from us by others. An example of how our essence can be taken is if you suffered from abuse when you were a child you can have your power taken from you, over time losing your essence can leave you feeling powerless to your surroundings. When a mega healing is done healing intentions are set. So if you are working on issues of abandonment or rejection, there will be an essence retrieval of when you experienced these moments and your essence was given away or taken from another person. It is empowering to bring this part of you back, you feel alive and your soul feels authentic to who you are at soul level.

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