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With Valerie Moon
The Shadow Mother

$55 and up

What is Breathwork:

The term breathwork can be really confusing because it is an umbrella term that covers a whole industry.  A good comparison of terms would be the word Doctor.  There are so many different types of doctors that specialize in different fields of medicine.  Valerie uses Circular Breathing for major shifting of the mind/body/soul connection.  This breathing exercise helps balance your mental, physical, and spiritual well being.  Although, Valerie Moon Healing really has a focus on healing and pattern shifting within breathwork, there is a vast list of physical improvements that have been documented.  Breathwork really allows our conscious mind to step aside and step deep into the subconscious to reprogram our reactions.  All of our unhealthy actions are an accumulation of our perceived experience.  We react based on our gauge of  comfort, stability, and safety.  Our life experiences can lead to negative thought patterns, behaviors, and actions.  With the aid of energy and breathwork, you will find these sessions powerfully shifting.  It is like years of therapy rolled into an hour.  

Breathing style:

The particular breathwork that Valerie Moon Healing uses is called "Circular Breathing" or also known as conscious connected breathing.  This breathing is done only through the mouth with one deep breath into the diaphragm leading to a second chest breath and then letting the breath fall out during your exhale.  There is no rest in between breaths.  As you start becoming familiar with the breath technique it feels as though the breath is going in a circle.  There are many breathing styles: sets of breath w/ a hold, rapid breathing, breathing in water, or even breathing naked.  None of this is necessary for an energetic breakthrough.  Although you may find that one technique resonates more than another.  

Compare Mouth and Nose breathing: 

Mouth breathing method brings the body into a sympathetic state, also known as fight or flight mode.  Sympathetic primes you for movement!  When your body shifts into this mode it communicates with your nervous system and initiates movement.   

Nose breathing method brings the body into a parasympathetic state, which is a relaxed state.  Parasympathetic really pumps the brakes and allows you to just chill.  

Incorporating Energy Work:

During each session I incorporate many different healing techniques that are led by spirit.  I may be guided to simply give reiki, reprogram the energetic field, trauma release, clear chakra blocks, release a past life that is getting in the way of the breathwork intentions.  Whatever they show me you need, I will energetically support you to reach your breathwork intentions.

Your spiritual experience:

What happens at the end of my breathwork session?  This is the most beautiful part of breathwork, although the energetic healing is beautiful as well, it just doesn't compare to each and every client having a spiritual experience.  Clients describe this moment as going to the cosmos, astral traveling, meeting their spirit guides, feelings of overwhelming euphoria, there is one thing in common with all of the different encounters.  Everyone has an experience, and it is absolutely beautiful.  

What are the breathwork session options?

I offer many different breathwork sessions and some of them are individually channeled by spirit to meet your needs.  Please set up a breathwork consultation to see how this healing technique can best serve you!  These can be done IN PERSON or REMOTE.

1. Breathwork themes $200:  Are you trying to connect to happiness, abundance, self-love, forgiveness, connect to your guides, connect to your inner child, connect to the moon or planet, connect to your ancestors.  The themes are vast and limitless.  

2.  Breathwork for couples $325:  Are you looking to create a bonding experience with a loved one?  Breath together!  Share intentions, love, intimacy, and your energetic connection with this session with your other half.  

3. Breathwork in a group $55:  Definitely sign up for my newsletter so you know when the next group session is and where it will be hosted.  This is an inexpensive way to have an awesome experience.  This experience has limited energy work but is still a very powerful and experience.  Healing, connections, themes can all be done during this session.  Valerie does create an extremely safe environment energetically so your experience is your own and not connected to the people around you.  

4. Breathwork for trauma or empowerment $300:  This is a channeled session from your spirit team to release trauma and bring in empowerment.  This particular breathwork session does not need to be trauma focused, I have worked with people that would like to bring their power back for many reasons. Releasing old programs from military, long-term illness, depression, anxiety, irrational fears, and more.

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