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Chakra Activation

What is a chakra activation?

Chakra Activation

Most commonly we hear about the 7 chakras but there are many more chakras located within our energetic body. The term activation can be somewhat confusing to people. We are all born with chakras and there is energy flowing within our chakras so how is the chakra not activated? There are so many layers to the chakras. The energy from our chakras are connected to every single experience, our physical body, our emotional interactions, and our past lives. Outside of the different layers, it takes decades for our 7 main chakras to fully develop. This is a complex system that supports our human existence. When we clear, heal, or activate a chakra that does not mean that the whole chakra is miraculously healed or open in its entirety. We can heal, clear, and activate what is ready. When you do deep healing within the chakra and remove lower vibrational energy you make room for higher vibrations to come in. After all, whatever you remove energetically from your body needs to be replaced so you don’t have to face a void in the energetic body. So healing alone will bring in activation of the chakra. Continued work will bring in continued growth and activation.

Activation and your everyday experience:
There are benefits to our everyday experience when we start to activate our chakras. Our conscious, subconscious, and spiritual development becomes accelerated. This will shift how we heal and how we process within our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional experiences. There will be noticeable changes to our conscious state and how we engage with others. The way we perceive ourselves and others will expand. It is almost as if you can understand our purpose here on a different level than before. You are far more open to your life experience, how to bring in joy, how to manifest, and heal.

Activation and your connection to source:
Chakra activation awakens dormant energy that is held in each chakra. Some people refer to this as kundalini energy. Kundalini energy can also be known as the sacred snake energy. Expanding this energy allows an abundant flow throughout the chakra system and in turn opens our state of consciousness. This level of awareness brings in a connection to source and universal knowledge that you could not access before due to the higher vibration that this energy holds. You become aligned to the connection and it becomes easier because your own natural vibration now is higher than before.
The connection is limitless, the ability to learn, grow, heal, and your understanding of the divine energy. As this is embraced there is a realization of empowerment that you are the one that drives this beautiful force.

Activation and your gifts:
As the ascension process continues and your vibration raises you are then able to open and connect, using the extended chakra system regularly. Activating the extended chakra system can really develop how spiritual gifts are being used. If your intentions are to activate to expand your spiritual gifts I like to remind people of what we know as mental pruning, “if you don’t use it you lose it”. I recommend if you are using these activations for gift expansion to be practicing frequently or actively using your gifts to grow the muscle.

Here are a list of more common chakras to be activated during your healing sessions.

Earth Star
Solar Plexus
Navel Hara Line
Lower Heart
Higher Heart
3rd Eye
Soul Star
Stellar Gateway
Universal Gateway
Divine Gateway

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