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Clearing Entities

Having an attachment

Clearing Entities

There are very few interferences that would create issues with a scheduled mega healing. One is if you have an attachment. Valerie is unable to do the mega healing if you have anything within you that is draining your life force whether it is a person, an entity, or some sort of energetic doorway. Sometimes this is shown during the intake and sometimes it happens right as Valerie is about to start your healing. I have put information below on attachments, different types of attachments, and how this may affect your energy.

How an attachment may affect you as an individual:

There are many ways that we are affected in our mind, body, and spirit when there are entities or earthbound spirits that are invading you or your home. Although these are not all of the ways a person could shift here are some of the more common experiences that people have.
-Physical symptoms: Exhaustion, stomach aches, headaches, sleep deprivation, nightmares, soreness or flu like feeling
-Emotional symptoms: Irritable, anger, sadness, anxiety, dark thoughts
-Spiritual symptoms: Not wanting to meditate or follow your normal energetic hygiene, your life force is being drained, you feel disconnected.

Please don’t bring fear into your life if this surfaces for you during your session. It is not uncommon that we pick things up along the way in life. Here is an example of how this might happen. You may get sick with the flu and this makes you very tired as your body is trying to fight this sickness. Then your friend calls you on the phone and you get into a little argument. This can lower your vibration and leave you vulnerable to different attachments. You then stop at the grocery store on your way home. You start to feel anxious in the store but just chalk it up as being sick but you actually picked up an earthbound spirit while you were in the store. You get home and are just so emotional for days and can’t really explain it. Once you start feeling better all of a sudden you notice a shift. You aren’t crying for no reason. The earthbound took off and moved on.

Why does a spirit connect to you? For energy. All energetic beings need life force and earthbound spirits that are stuck here no longer have that connection to source to fuel them. Oftentimes they will latch onto us, drain us of energy, and move on. Sometimes they stay a little bit longer which can be very overwhelming for us. There are many different types of attachments and all have their own agenda. They may surface in many different ways.

Please note that if you think you picked something up that sage does not clear you of entities. Sage is a beautiful tool meant to clear our home of the energy based on our everyday experience such as stress, a bad argument, it is not capable of clearing you or your home of conscious level beings. It may be helpful to be open to the idea of having a professional come in to help if you are not familiar with these types of issues. Some energy needs healing, some beings need to be crossed over, some need to go back to their home, and whatever is removed from your body needs to be replaced with divine healing energy and balancing. Leaving energetic voids can invite back the issues you are looking to remove. If you know you have a bigger issue that is beyond your energetic body, you may need a full house clearing which Valerie also does. Here is a list of different types of attachments that may affect your energy and are not in your best and highest good.

Trauma Loop
Earthbound spirit
Lower Level Entity
Multi-Dimensional ET
Conscious and Non-conscious thought forms
Unhealthy Ethereal Cord

It is common to not understand these terms that are listed, you don't need to for these services to be performed. Part of hiring someone with all of this is so you can just take a nice deep breath and not have to worry. If something is confusing or doesn't resonate with you, it is okay to just release what doesn't resonate and allow the healing to come in for what does. The most important part of this is feeling peace within.

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