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Ancestral Cord Cutting

Releasing Generational Patterns

Ancestral Cord Cutting

What are generational patterns? We are brought up with the understanding that we get our awesome traits through our DNA. Our eye color, funny personality, or even natural talents like sewing or carpentry are traits that we proudly associate with our ancestors. It doesn't stop there though. There is the darker side of what we inherit from our loved ones, our lower vibrational traits. Some people may naturally be detached, smothering, have experienced sexual abuse, addiction, manipulative, or have a hard time speaking up for themselves. There is a long list of these experiences or character traits that I associate with the ancestors. I call these lines of energy ancestral cords.

As hard as it can be to admit some of these “yucky” characteristics', it is important to know that we chose all of this as part of our journey here on earth. We come here to learn, heal, and raise our vibration to come to the point of ascension. This happens through our experiences. How could we ever truly understand and show up with unconditional love and compassion for others without having lived it? We can not experience everything in one life which is why we have many incarnations. Now that you understand how necessary these moments are I do hope that you can have compassion for yourself and not carry shame around these darker parts of you. If you are reading this right now, you are exactly where you are supposed to be within your healing journey and you are nailing your soul mission.

Ancestral cords are triggered throughout our life. When any cord is triggered it creates a flow of energy from the original wound. This hurts the same way a physical wound hurts but it is very much tied to our energy, emotions, and subconscious behaviors or reactions. We may notice that we have very specific triggers. Certain traits in people that make us angry or anxious. It's through these moments where we are supposed to start our healing journey. Our triggers are the key to finding the root cause of an issue. It is important to understand that projecting our pain onto others is not productive. Blaming other people for creating discomfort or hurt for us will not solve why we are being so triggered in the first place. It may temporarily feel good to do that but it is not the solution. In the end, over time, these moments will always lead back to us. We will find that we have similar experiences with many different people to show us the wound. It will very much surface as a pattern within our relationships. Here is an example of how this might look.

You may have a parent that was a firefighter and was gone several days a week. When you were a child you might not have understood why that parent was gone. It's interesting because this is everyday life for us as adults and we never really think to explain to our children and give them a sense of comfort and safety. So there were moments that you might have felt abandoned or lonely. You may have simply said I miss mommy or daddy. Your parent may respond, I know honey, me too. You may also have felt very loved as well. Although, once this cord is open it is now flowing energy of abandonment within you. You start to get older and your first boyfriend leaves you for your best friend, bam a past life is triggered where you experienced something similar in another life. Now you have the energy of both the ancestral cord and the past life. The more time that goes by, the more experiences you have, the more triggers take place. Sometimes you get to the point of hypervigilance and you start feeling abandoned by many things that never even bothered you before. You may find that you get really upset and carry toxic behaviors around people not being there for you. You may have really unrealistic expectations to feel safe and secure within your relationships. Most people ignore their triggers until it's unbearable. They will finally go to counseling and try to find the root cause. The problem is that it can be hard to find the root cause because in your adult life you actually understand why that parent wasn't around so you can't really pinpoint when it started. In therapy, this can be very time consuming but it can work with hard work and mindful moments.

When you do an ancestral cord cutting, Valerie actually talks to your spirit guides and helps you pinpoint the root cause of these patterns. It can be such a relief to have spirit support you in this because these patterns may be issues that drive you crazy. You know they are not healthy but you just can't seem to stop the behavior. When the ancestral cord is cut as well as the past lives (refer to past life page for more information) associated with the pattern, suddenly you feel different. Your energy isn't telling you to react. Your energy creates your reality and when it is in balance within the pattern you are actually able to heal and shift.

If you have a pattern or behavior that you want to change and don't know where to start, you should reach out to Valerie. She will create a safe, comforting, nurturing space which is why many call her the Shadow Mother. She will help you explore how to shift your energy into alignment of where you want to be. The first step in this is acknowledgment and intentions.

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