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Ethereal Cord Cutting

The importance of cutting and healing Ethereal Cords

Ethereal Cord Cutting

Every encounter we have with other people we communicate physically and energetically. The energy is contained and shared through small energetic cords. If the energy didn’t flow through a direct connection like this, there would be a lot of interference with other energy around us. Etheric cords look like umbilical cords. This act of communicating is done subconsciously.

Whether we are talking to our spouse or the bagger at the grocery store we use these same cords to communicate. These shorter encounters fizzle out much faster. So the bagger may ask how your day was and you carry on with casual conversation. A light cord is connected to your auric field. After you leave the store and move on with your day that cord will slowly disconnect. Our deeper connections create a bigger cords, for example, our children, siblings, parents, and spouses. In healthy relationships these connections are all held in our auric field.

Healthy connections to our loved ones can show in many different ways. Sometimes we may finish each others sentences. We may know when someone is about to call. Knowing when our baby is tired or when the dog needs to go outside. It is amazing just how much we can pick up on through these cords.

There are unhealthy connections that we create and the ethereal cords become so pronounced that they connect directly to one of our chakras. This is not good for our energy. When these connections are direct to our energy centers it can shift our experience and our energetic balance in a negative way. These cords are constantly communicating with the people that have the connection. This energy is giving and receiving to one another. When the cord becomes connected to the chakra the energy flow is directly flowing through your chakra system. It is important to understand that this can also be draining.

If your child is having a horrible day at school and she is pulling energy from your cord, you can all of a sudden feel exhausted. If your sister lost her best friend and is experiencing emotional loss and sadness, all of a sudden you feel like crying deeply. You can be fighting with your boyfriend and start having uncontrollable obsessive thoughts, anger, resentment just completely take over. When energy is shared within your chakra system it is very difficult to tell the difference between your emotions and someone else's. This can be overwhelming and confusing.

When you cut these ethereal connections to your chakra you aren’t releasing your whole connection to people. You are releasing the toxic part that is not in your best and highest good. You are releasing the connection directly to your chakra that will negatively impact your energetic flow and your emotional state. Many people struggle with this because they feel like they should always stay connected to loved ones. Please understand any energy attached to your chakras that isn’t yours, even if it is a loved one, is not good for you.

Oftentimes cutting these cords brings in such clarity and understanding. You can even communicate in a healthier way with each other.

During your Mega Healing if you have any toxic cords that are connected to you that are interfering with your healing they are shown and healed. I do always recommend people learn how to do this independently. I do this several times a day and it is part of my energetic hygiene. The more often you do this the easier it gets. Energetic hygiene is just as important as regular hygiene. Our spiritual and energetic state is what creates our reality and the more we tend to it the more stable and present we are within our experience.

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