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Chakra Clearing

Clearing the energetic trauma and energy held in your chakra

Chakra Clearing

Sometimes during a healing there is a need to focus on a specific chakra. There may be a tremendous amount of trauma or several blocks that are creating continuous issues in the flow of energy. This can lead to emotional, physical, and spiritual pain. Sometimes a person may need a womb clearing or clearing of the sacral chakra if for example they lost a baby, had sexual trauma, or developed energetic issues while they were in utero. You may need a solar plexus clearing if you suffered from many years of mental abuse or someone that experiences psychic attacks or gets a lot of entity attachments. Your intentions of what you are healing is how these moments arise within your healing.

Please be aware that any clearing you have done in life does not clear out the whole chakra. It is not possible to clear a chakra in one session and healing is a lifelong journey. I look at our chakras in many different layers. We are able to heal what is ready to heal. We have to be gentle and kind to ourselves and deal with the layers with compassion and love. As you continue to do this work more will surface over time but that is a sign of growth and ascension.

There is a very specific energetic process to this type of healing that is brought in by spirit. There are imprints removed, healing brought in, cords of connections that are negatively affecting the chakra that are removed. The chakra itself needs to be supported like you would be physically supported during a surgical procedure. Balancing and protection of the chakra is held after the healing.

It is very important that you do not have any other energy work done while the chakra is coming into alignment. This is a very deep healing and other practitioners may read the chakra as out of alignment or even energetically moving backwards. Oftentimes the exterior of the chakra needs the energy to flow in a particular way for the healing to align and if it is compromised it can be dangerous.

If you have been struggling with balance of a particular chakra continuously and can’t seem to align energetically no matter how much meditation, reiki, or grounding you do, you may want to reach out to see if there is a deeper issue that requires a clearing.

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