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Ancestral Lineage Healing

It ran in the family until it ran into me.

Ancestral Lineage Healing

Now that you know what Ancestral Cords are, you have an understanding that the cords are connected to our family. Sometimes being handed down generation to generation. For example the cord of Addiction could be passed down from person to person. It can extend to cousins, aunts, and beyond. These cords can surface in different ways for people creating a wide variety of issues within relationships.

For example with the cord of addiction, a family member may actually be addicted to drugs or alcohol. Beyond that, someone may carry the same ancestral cord and be addicted to shopping, the gym, or even people in general.

Outside of these ancestral cords there are other issues that surface within the ancestral lineage. Deep rooted trauma within the ancestors that follow us from generation to generation. Some examples of this type of energy would be a family that suffered from slavery, mass genocide, war, sexual degradation, or even forced incest. These acts are so traumatic that they can carry energetic traits that are passed down from generation to generation. We have to show up with compassion for all races and ethnicities that have suffered in such ways. The energy that is creating their reality is very real.

The good news is that healing can happen. All it takes is one person within the lineage to decide to start to make a change for the ripple effect to start. When an ancestral cord is cut Valerie goes into the family lineage and heals this cord or trauma for any past, present, or future lives in which this cord has no purpose or function in the souls mission. That means that some of your ancestors still have lessons to learn around the cord so it may not be cleared for everyone. But it brings immense healing and raises the overall vibration within your family and the family tree.

How does this help my ancestors or myself? Well although we incarnate here with a plan our lives don't always go according to plan. We choose our parents, our lessons we are working on, and try to create a blueprint of how it will all unfold before we are even born. But there are also acts of free will in our lives. Choices we make that weren’t necessarily in the plan. These acts of free will from others or from us can actually trigger ancestral cords that weren’t meant to be triggered in a particular life. This changes the energy within our energetic body and our reality changes. Our triggers change. So doing this healing for the ancestors prevents these cords from accidentally triggering and essentially keeps the vibration higher within the family. It keeps us on the right trajectory. The ascension, healing, and lessons for the ancestors is stabilized within the lineage. You are not at risk of these acts of free will possibly triggering an ancestral cord and creating new energetic lines that are not meant to be open.

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