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Past Life Viewing

Connecting with our past lives for healing

Past Life Viewing

Please read about past life clearings and healings before reading about a viewing so you have an understanding of how past lives are brought in to help aid us in healing. As we are working on different trauma, patterns, or themes there are times that a past life may need to be viewed. If a client still needs to understand part of a lesson they are trying to heal, viewing the past life can help them see how they have experienced these issues in other lives. It helps see how the energy of the past life will affect the current experience. There is processing that needs to happen around the lessons the client is facing but Valerie makes sure that every life is understood during the follow up phone call. Your spirit guides will explain the lesson, how it is shifting you, what they want you to continue to work on, and how to step into a different experience once the energy is cleared and in alignment.

This isn’t similar to a past life regression where we may see a very fun life where you were a super star. These past lives are triggered lives that align to our traumas and lessons that we suffered previously and are similar to what we are experiencing now. That doesn’t mean that every life we ever had was bad. This also doesn’t mean that the whole life that I share was miserable. They do often show me the miserable experiences so you can see why it is important to face these challenges and bring you to a place of healing.

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