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  • Transformational Journey Group 12 Months $99 Month

  • Transformational Journey 12 Months $333 Month

  • Transformational Journey Month to Month $444 Month

Understanding your Transformational Journey

What is a Transformational Journey?

Are you caught in repetitive patterns that seem impossible to break? Have you experienced deep trauma or find yourself unable to let go of toxic relationships? Is anger or a feeling of being stuck holding you back, leaving you unsure of where to even begin?


A transformational journey offers a pathway to healing that you may never have imagined possible. It's a journey of releasing triggers and stepping into a place of empowerment, gaining deep self-understanding, and learning to honor your own needs. While we're often told that happiness comes from within, navigating how to find it amidst life's challenges can be daunting. Many of us struggle to comprehend why we feel incomplete or discontented with our lives.

Our triggers often dictate our actions, sometimes operating on a subconscious level and leading to patterns of avoidance or denial of our deepest wounds. When you embark on this journey, you're not alone. You'll receive full support from Valerie and your spirit team as you undergo the process of healing and self-renewal. Although the journey may present challenges, the promise of peace, empowerment, and happiness awaits on the other side.

These issues are so deeply rooted within us.  Energetically connected by our ancestors, life experiences, as well as past life issues.  Committing to a transformational journey is committing to your inner peace, self love, and healing.  It takes lifetimes to build up these triggers and it does take time to heal it.  This 12 month program allows for the healing to come that is needed in a comfortable and supportive way.  Healing does not need to be painful.

Why is the pricing different?

The pricing structure reflects the level of commitment involved. Opting for the longer course comes with a discount, serving as an incentive to engage in deeper work. The 12-month journey is particularly recommended for practitioners seeking to expand their gifts. Additionally, there's an option for a 12-month group shadow work program, providing support within a community setting alongside 10 other participants.

What if I want to stop?

As a shadow practitioner, Valerie approaches this work together without judgment. Her role is to hold space and guide you through your healing journey with personal awareness. She is committed to seeing you through to the other side. By participating in this journey, you're committing to facing the challenges of your healing process, and it will be met with compassion and support during your weekly phone calls, even through difficult moments.

While you will never be pressured to continue the work together, you are financially obligated to fulfill your contract with Valerie if you choose to discontinue. Should you decide to pause and return to the work later, please note that you'll forfeit your one-month retainer fee.

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