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What is an Ancestral Line and how does it affect your behavior?

Updated: Apr 5

What are the elements associated with our DNA?

We are brought up with the understanding that we acquire certain traits through our DNA. Our eye color, funny personality, or even natural talents like sewing or carpentry are traits that we proudly associate with our ancestors. It doesn't stop there though. There is the darker side of what we inherit from our loved ones, our darker traits. Some people may naturally be detached, smothering, manipulative, explosive, or have a hard time speaking up for themselves. The list of character traits doesn't end there but these traits are definitely ones that can bring up frustration within ourselves when it comes to our relationships. These qualities can prevent us from being our authentic self.  This can lead to low self worth or we can behave in ways that go against how we see ourselves at soul level. Within the energy work I do, I call these ancestral lines.

Why do we have to have these “bad” moments during our life?

As hard as it can be to admit some of these negative aspects of yourself can create unpleasant encounters, it is important to know that we come here for the experience and it is all part of our journey here on earth.  There is something really special that we can have the variety, even if sometimes it is met with unhappy feelings..  Although some of this can feel really awful, there is a certain level of gratitude for all the good because of it.  Life doesn't happen to us, it happens for us. We come here to learn and understand self-love. This happens through our interactions.  

In a perfect world we would all be raised with emotional intelligence and compassion for one another.  Unfortunately, the patterns I’ve seen within my work seem to be consistent with generational patterns.  Each generation seems to try very hard to shift what they disliked within their experience, slowly making a change within the ancestral lines.  Within the “bad” moments, understanding our big emotions and having the tools and communication skills to step into our needs and vulnerability to support ourselves is crucial for our emotional freedom.

How do I let go of who I was?

Having compassion and grace for yourself during your healing journey can sometimes be difficult.  Many people struggle with releasing guilt or shame when they are trying to step into releasing behavioral patterns that have hurt other people.  Another aspect that is crucial in this work is learning how to forgive.  These are major aspects of healing and releasing energy when we do shadow work.  One of the tools that is helpful when stepping into this type of healing is understanding that you aren’t born this way.  You aren’t born explosive, angry, or bitter but those traits can certainly develop through perceived experiences during your life.  Another understanding that is helpful is realizing that some of this energy is old and passed down from generation to generation, if you can separate it being part of you, it becomes less difficult to let go of.  It can be so challenging when you are stuck in a loop of blaming yourself for allowing the bad to happen, or blaming the people that created “bad” in your life.  But knowing that every one of us has a dark part of ourselves that we are working on can help you realize that you aren’t alone.  There isn’t a single person that can escape that within our life experience, we all have emotions, so it is inevitable that it is met with good/bad moments.  Having the perspective that we are all on a personal journey can really shift judgment of you and those around you. One of my favorite sayings is we are all just walking each other home. And we really are, there is no need to compare or judge what each other is learning in this life. Just try to be kind to yourself and those around you.

How does healing help me when other people are making me upset?

Ancestral lines are triggered throughout our life. When any line is triggered it creates a flow of energy that carries a very specific frequency. When the frequency is triggered it can be very painful and create emotions, and subconscious/conscious behaviors or reactions. We may notice that we have very specific triggers. Certain traits in people that make us angry or anxious. It's through these moments where we are supposed to go within. Our triggers are the key to finding the root cause of an issue. It is important to understand that projecting our pain onto others is not productive. Blaming other people for creating discomfort or hurt for us will not solve why we are being so triggered in the first place. It may temporarily feel good to do that but it is not the solution. In the end, over time, these moments will always lead back to us. We will find that we have similar experiences and patterns with many different people to show us the wound.  

How do you figure out an ancestral line?

Some ancestral lines are very straight forward and some can be tricky to figure out.  Sometimes it can be hard to identify ancestral lines independently when you are attempting to do shadow work but it isn’t impossible. There are many types of energy that actually affect your behavior and it is all stored within your chakras and auric field. 

Here is an example of how it might be difficult to pinpoint the root: 

You may have had a parent that was a firefighter and was gone several days a week. When you were a child you might not have understood why your parent was gone.   It's interesting because this is everyday life for us as adults and we never really think to explain to our children and give them a sense of comfort and safety about something so simple as going to work.  There may be acknowledgment of when they will be back or the feelings that they are missed but never a conversation of why or how to cope with that.  So there were moments that you might have felt abandoned because in the eyes of the child your parent was just gone for several days at a time. At such a young age you don't have the brain power to understand that this is a necessary part of life to provide within a family unit.  Opposingly, may also have felt very loved as well so in your adult life you may not even have a thought that you felt abandoned as a child. Although, once this energetic line is open it is now flowing this energetic memory within you. You now have a trigger around abandonment.  As you start to get older you may have another experience. You might have your first boyfriend and he abruptly leaves you for your best friend. You are immediately triggered but this time it feels slightly worse. You are accumulating experiences that are telling you that you are going to get abandoned and that people can’t be trusted. Some of these experiences are from this life and some are even memories from past lives. As time passes, you may notice that these triggers get worse and you may become hypervigilant and start feeling abandoned by many things that never even bothered you before. This can lead to toxic behaviors or responses.  There may be unrealistic expectations that are set in place to create a sense of safety and security within your relationships. There may also need to be a certain level of control with situations or there is a lot of fear. Most people ignore their triggers until it's unbearable. Counseling is an option that is more mainstream in trying to find the root cause.  Therapy can be very effective but also time consuming. With time there are a series of revelations and mindful moments which helps you release the energy around the trigger.  Shadow work is done with a psychic healer that is trained in helping you identify the patterns and root causes to get to the point of healing in a faster, more efficient way.  

How do you heal an ancestral line?

With ancestral line cutting, I will tap into the energy that is being triggered and find the root cause. I search for similar frequencies within your energetic body that carry the wound and clears the energy that is ready to clear. That does not mean that you can clear the whole frequency out of your existence, remember, there are certain lessons you are here to learn. What is very helpful is that as I read these memories and processes with you, the behavioral pattern is shared in how an ancestral line is affecting your life in a negative way. As you continue to process during the appointment there will be seeds of awareness planted through talking. You will then be guided in the ways to challenge the energy to have a different experience. As you challenge this energy in everyday life and start to notice the shift in your relationships the lessons and understanding come in. It can be such a relief to have support with shadow work because there can be a certain amount of cognitive dissonance around your perceived experience.  It is hard to let go of certain ancestral lines, one common ancestral line is being a victim of your circumstances.  It can be really hard to get to the other side of an energy that you make part of your identity.  With negative thought patterns, you may find that you hold the energy. On the other side of the spectrum, you may just be completely done with a certain trait within yourself and having an energy clearing can bring very rapid shifting. As you step into alignment from an energy clearing like this, most people express that they aren't as reactive, they aren’t holding as many negative emotions towards others, and they stop projecting their emotions.  Energy does create your reality and when the mind, body, and soul are in balance and speaking the same language to each other, your life becomes easier and you feel much more empowered within your life experience.

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