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Tools of Divination Class One on One

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What to Expect


What are Tools of Divination:

​Tools of divination can be a very empowering tool when used properly.  All tools of divination can be used the same way.   This workshop will give you the basics as well as the essential foundations of how to use the pendulum.  You will learn how to connect and use tools outside of answering yes or no questions.  

This workshop will focus specifically on the pendulum.  The guidelines of this workshop can be used with any tool whether it is tarot, oracle, ouija, runes, planetary, bones, or any other tool that you have been guided to make independently. 

What is Included in this Class:

  1. Pendulum information workbook

  2. 1 hour instructional Video

  3. 1 hour Zoom session with Valerie that is guided by spirit as you practice and perfect your practice


What you will Learn:

  1. Empowerment with your connection to your higher self and spirit guides.  This will give you the ability to work independently. 

  2. What is a tool of divination?

  3. What are the different tools?

  4. Releasing the fears around sacred tools?    

  5. How to create a safe environment and process with your tools. 

  6. Why it is important not to become complacent with your practices.

  7. Why and how people connect to and use tools of divination.

  8. How to enhance your gifts with tools of divination.

  9. What is divine truth and how does our energy interfere with our answers?

  10. What can you connect to?​

  11. Healing with tools of divination.

What you will Need:

  1. Comfortable clothing

  2. Journal

  3. Water or tea

  4. Whatever makes you feel comfortable when you are in your sacred space whether it is your crystals, a special pillow, sage, candles, it is your moment to create.  If you are new to this and don't have a routine that's okay too.  This workshop is for every level.

Please Read Before Booking:

Thank you for showing interest in this course.  Please respect the time and energy it takes to channel and provide this knowledge from spirit to you.  Use this course for yourself and your personal growth.  If you absolutely love it, Valerie is gracious to those of you that refer your friends to also be a part of their own empowerment journey.  

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