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Reprogramming of the energy

Everything experience creates programming, how reprogramming the energy brings in healing

Reprogramming of the energy

Our energy holds programs. All of what we learn, experience, watch, feel creates a program within. Within society, we experience programs as well. These social constructs shape what is acceptable on a larger scale. When we watch TV we are taking on the programs we are watching. This all happens subconsciously. This is how we learn not to touch a hot stove, but it is also how we learn negative discrimination.

When we experience trauma not only do we store the imprints and lower vibrational energy from the experience but we store a program of how we behave and react when these moments are triggered. It can be quite frustrating when we are trying to tame behavior when we are angry and we just can’t walk away. A person may have tried years of therapy, meditation, sometimes even prescription medication but they can’t seem to control their emotions during conflict. While there are many different reasons why a behavior would surface, an energetic program is definitely a heavy weight to bear and one of the factors in how we behave.

During a mega healing several different factors of imposing energy are addressed, healed, and cleared. After this happens it is important to reprogram the energetic field to align to the healing intentions. This is a sensitive healing and Valerie does not choose what is being reprogrammed and neither do you. Valerie will not book an appointment to reprogram your energy to never yell again. These lower emotional reactions are what helps us find what needs healing in us. Your spirit team will bring in how your program needs to be aligned with the healing intentions that were set. It is important to have trust in your team and know that sometimes what we think we need can actually limit us with our healing. It does take 2 weeks for your energy to come into alignment after a mega healing and up to a month to fully align mind, body, and soul with what was worked on. When it does, it is powerfully shifting.

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