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Past Life Healing and Clearing

How past lives get triggered and how this energy shifts your reality

Past Life Healing and Clearing

Understanding why a past life would need to be healed and cleared can be a complex topic. I will dive into how our past lives connect and affect our current experience and how it is helpful to clear the energy from our space.

Why we incarnate: Prior to our incarnation we do a lot of planning. Decisions are made about lessons that we need to learn and karma that we intend to clear. Our parents, siblings, and spouses are predestined. I do want to acknowledge that we do have free will and sometimes those plans shift after we arrive but that is for another article. The plans that we choose come with experiences that we need to come to a place of healing.

The function of our Past Lives: There are some important aspects to our past lives in relation to our experience during this incarnation. For one, if we didn’t have some connection to our past lives we may not remember some of the lessons we have already learned. The way I see this energetically is similar to ancestral cords and ethereal cords. The information from these lives are communicated to us energetically. There is other helpful information stored in past lives that can help us in our current life. For example, certain spiritual gifts or physical gifts. We certainly can tap into understanding things from the past to make our experience easier in the current time. Outside of this, we actually create connections to our past lives to help bring us to a place of healing. These cords are slightly different from the other cords that I was referring to earlier.

Here is how this might surface in a mega healing. We see there is healing that is needed around these issues of rejection. When you were a child you felt rejected by your father. He didn’t treat you the same as your siblings. This may trigger the ancestral cord of rejection. This rejection energy is now flowing through your energetic body. As you get older in high school you join a sports team and no one wants to play with you. You are so embarrassed and you feel rejected again. All of a sudden a past life surfaces where you tried to heal issues of rejection. Now you have even more of this type of energy flowing through you. As time passes and healing doesn’t take place it is almost as though you are experiencing rejection over and over again. You become hypervigilant around issues of rejection. One day your boyfriend comes over and your dog goes running to your boyfriend and just snuggles the night away. You even feel like your dog is rejecting you at this point. Do not feel crazy if this is your experience around your trauma and your reactions. As we repeat experiences and have many past lives triggered the energy does get more intense until we hit a low and just know that we need healing. Once this energy is cleared out and you come into alignment it is so freeing.

Clearing lessons vs. Clearing our character: We need our connection to our past lives and not all past lives are meant to be cleared. Knowing what is part of your lesson and what is part of who you are is important. I only clear what is meant to be cleared and directed by spirit. Spirit will show me which lives are part of your lesson.

How energy creates our reality: When we walk into a wedding and watch the ceremony, we are often filled with love. Similarly, when we walk into a funeral we may be filled with grief even if we weren’t close to the person that passed away. The energy around us creates our reality. How we exist, our entire life experience. So when these cords are triggered the energy coming in does shift how we see things. Sometimes our lack of healing makes us see things through a broken lense. It is hard to process or not have deep emotions that remind us of what we need to heal. Our triggers are meant to bring us to a place of healing. The energy from our past lives where we have attempted to heal these issues are also triggers meant to bring us to a place of healing. It is all important to understand how this yucky energy exists and why. It isn’t a punishment, it is a guide.

Healing and clearing the life: Once I am shown how a life is connected to a root issue we are working on, I bring in healing and clear the energy of the life. These cords are held within our chakras. Once the energy is cleared and healed there is a sense of clarity around past triggers. It isn’t as painful, emotions, or hard to process.

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