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Valerie Moon 

Achieving balance between the mind, body, and soul leads to a healthy and fulfilling life. Embark on your spiritual journey with the intention of aligning these three elements and experience the transformative power.

Psychic Healer
Rescue Medium 
Breathwork Facilitator

What You Need To Know

Valerie's approach is rooted in compassion, love, humility, wisdom, and divine truth. This encompasses a commitment to sharing challenging truths when necessary, always emanating from a place of support and encouragement.

Her role is to stand by you as you navigate the intricate path of healing and growth, acknowledging that the journey is not without its challenges. You are not alone; she will support you until your intentions are fulfilled. An inherent aspect of her gift is a mental projector within human design— She reflects what is profoundly needed as a mirror onto you. Her conversations play a big role in the healing process, as acknowledging and addressing what needs healing is the first step in releasing the energy and stepping into an new experience.


Valerie Moon

Valerie is a spiritual practitioner who is dedicated to her clients' healing journey. Her compassionate approach has earned her the reputation of being a nurturing figure, with some clients even referring to her as their "shadow mother". She provides a safe and supportive space for her clients to explore their inner selves and find peace.

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“Valerie is truly a rare gift from the universe sent to aid in my healing and spiritual growth. She shed light in the shadows that I could not see and uncovered things I had difficulty discovering on my own.

I was also fortunate to receive a house clearing from her. She rescued me when I was in desperate need of clearing what had been haunting me on a weekend outside of normal waking hours. To feel safe and secure in your own home is priceless. Her empathy for me in my situation was as extraordinary as her gifts.

I am forever grateful for her healing and guidance.”

Krista L, CA


Valerie Moon Healing Ministry is dedicated to bringing in healing, community, and spiritual counsel to those that are on their sacred journey.  The ministry encourages all walks of life to embrace their own divine connection as we guide you with unconditional love.  We are devoted to empowering our members through aligning the mind, body and soul to not only yourself but your creator.  It is our highest honor to support our members to understand and heal painful patterns and trauma within to arrive at a place of spiritual sovereignty and self-love.

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If you have any questions about Valerie Moon Ministry or her services please feel free to reach out by fill out your contact information.

Valerie Moon Ministry

Tewksbury MA 01876

Tel: 508-215-4443

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