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Gift Activation

With Valerie Moon
The Shadow Mother

Gift Activation

(Only 1 chakra activation per session)

How do you activate a gift in your chakra?

We all have the ability of healing ourselves and raising our vibration enough to activate our own gifts within.  This can sometimes take years of healing.  As we heal we naturally raise our vibration.  As we raise our vibration we have a stronger connection to self as well as source energy.  When we have that stronger connection we can tap into our gifts and they grow and expand over time.  As a Shamanic style practitioner I started to really feel drawn to Ancestral Healing.  I also hold gifts in my Root Chakra around this work but I didn't know it at the time.  It took 5 years to fully understand the gifts there.  Now when I am doing a Mega Healing and in any given treatment I can be clearing and healing over 21 different issues.  It is a process and can take time.  As a healer our craft is always expanding and if we open ourselves to learning our guides will show us the vastness of what we are capable of. 


When we activate your gifts you have a full understanding of how you have stepped into this energy within the many lives you have lived and understand some of the mistakes you have made along the way.  Outside of the knowledge, the energy of the gift is fully opened and flowing through you by the end of the session.  Knowledge is key in this.  There's something about knowing that gives us the permission and confidence to try something outside the box.  It is beautiful and empowering.  We ALL have gifts.  Our unique energy is very similar to our unique personality.  For example, in a work situation we might send a calm, charming, composed, and knowledgeable person to interact with deal negotiations .  That personality type is bound for success because their traits are so well received by the buyer.  The same goes with energy work.  We can read the energy of our chakras to see how it bests aligns to the gifts we carry, you become an instant expert with certain issues.  At the exact moment of your energetic creation you aligned perfectly to many things.  For example your energy may strongly align to the spirit of plants and it could be held in the Root chakra, someone else may carry a gift of attachment removal in the same chakra.  You will naturally be drawn to what you have done in so many lifetimes because it feels familiar and it "vibes" with your energy.  If you are a practitioner gift activation can expand your healing practices for yourself and your clients.  

I have noticed that the clients that are already doing energy work almost immediately step into using their gifts.  Even the practitioners that have hesitation about how to navigate their process when they first read the report just dive right in.  Why?  Because these are gifts that are engrained into your energetic make up.  You have used them in so many lifetimes and once the energy is flowing through you, your soul remembers the ways in which it is meant to be used.  

If you are new to spirituality, you may have to do some healing and clearing of lower vibrational energy to be able to fully tap in.  It is like going to the gym.  You may start with just walking the treadmill and after a few months you are running miles and lifting weights.  You will not leave this session confused on how to get there.  

When you activate your gifts with Valerie Moon she answers these questions below and guides you on how to shift into the full potential of the gift you carry.  

1. How can you use this gift to heal and serve others?

2. How does this gift heals and serves you? 

3.  How have you used this gift in previous lives?

4. Are there any warnings on how you have misused this gift or any shadows that you carry that may affect discernment?

5. Do your guides have any helpful information along the way that will help you succeed?

During this session we only activate one chakra at a time.  At your first appointment you will be shown which chakras are ready to be activated as well as advice on what you can do energetically to prepare the other chakras to activate.


There is a members group on this website where you can practice your gifts/ get feedback/ and ask questions as they arise.  This group is FREE.  You will also have access to one week of support where you can text or set up phone support as questions arise.

We are a network of healers which is so beautiful.  We all have something unique to offer.  I have activated physical healers, karma clearers, mediumship for a wide variety of healing reasons, healers that have specific connections to the earth, akashic record readers, clearers of energy.  The list goes on.  The reason I say this is because I find now that the only people I am referring are those that are tapped into the soul level gifts.  The level of knowledge and accuracy within their work is incomparable to other practitioners I have worked with.  Lets support one another healing and bringing people into ascension together! 



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