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Healing Journey

With Valerie Moon
The Shadow Mother

Transformational Healing Journey
$333+ Month

What is a Transformational Journey:

Do you have patterns that feel almost impossible to break?  Deep trauma?  Toxic relationships you can't seem to let go of?  Anger?  Do you just feel stuck and have no idea where to start?  The transformational journey will bring you to the healing you never knew was possible.  Release the triggers and step into a place of empowerment and deep understanding of self, your emotions, and how to honor your needs.  We are always told that happiness comes from within but knowing how to find it in this world can be hard.  Most of us just don't understand why we aren't complete or happy with our lives.  

Our triggers lead us in all of our actions.  Some of it is completely subconscious reaction.  This can oftentimes lead to avoidance.  Or we can convince ourselves that some of our deepest wounds do not actually exist.  When you work with me during this time you have full support by me as well as your spirit team, you are not alone in this healing and rebirth of self.  Yes it is challenging but knowing that the other side of that is peace, empowerment, and happiness.

Why is the pricing different?

It is all about commitment.  The longer course comes with a discount because there is incentive in deciding to step into the deeper work.  I see the value in working through the 12 months and highly recommend it to those that are already practitioners that are looking to expand their gifts.

What if I want to stop?

As a shadow practitioner please know that I will never show up with judgment of anything that you bring to the table.  It is my job to hold space and help guide you with your own personal awareness for your healing journey.  I will NOT give up in seeing you through to the other side as long as you want my help.  By taking part in this journey you are committing to yourself, you are committing to face the harder parts of your healing, you might find yourself projecting and I will always show up with compassion during our calls even when you may struggle.

I will never force you to continue with your work with me but you will have to follow through with your contract with me financially.  You may choose to stop and step back into the work later, although you will lose your one month retainer fee.


Zoom is also required for a few of these appointments.


Example of a Transformational Journey:

Please note that each Journey outside of the independent journey has a one month retainer.

Discovery Call- $150

Mapping out the ancestral lines

12 Month Journey- $333

Phone Support- 3x 30 minutes

Healing- 1 Mega Healing Monthly

Class- One Zoom class 

ADD weekly healings for $99

6 Month Journey- $444

Phone Support- 3x 30 minutes

Healing- 1 Mega Healing Monthly

Class- One Zoom Class

ADD weekly healings for $99

Each month you can choose whether to step into an ancestral cord clearing, gift activation, or a more in depth class such as Shamanic Journey, Rapeh Ceremonial Class, or using Tools of Divination.  Your journey is in your hands but we will only focus on one item a month.

Independent Journey- $222

Weekly Healings 

Phone Support- none

Class- One Zoom Class

This healing is made for those that want to work independently.  There is no processing or support calls.  You have the option of doing the discovery call and using that as a guide, or simply create your own healing intentions for the month.  


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