Rapé Ceremony

With Valerie Moon
The Shadow Mother



What is a Rapé Ceremony:


Plant medicine has been used since the dawn of time.  It can be such a protective and supportive ally in our healing spiritual journey.  Rapé is not a mind altering plant but does bring the mind into a deep meditative state.  Understanding how to respect a  ceremony and all of the healing possibilities can an empowering tool for your spiritual tool box. 

It is highly recommended but not mandatory to take the Shamanic Journey workshop prior to taking this workshop.  Understanding how to journey can really strengthen what you are able to do with this plant medicine.  

What is Included in this Class:

  1. Rapé information workbook

  2. Rapé kit (palo santo, matches, florida water, kuripe, 7ml rapé, and tissues)

  3. 1 hour instructional Video

  4. 1 hour Zoom session with Valerie that is guided by spirit as you practice and perfect your practice


What you will Learn:

  1. Empowerment with your connection to your higher self and spirit guides.  This will give you the ability to work independently. 

  2. How to use the rapé kit (palo santo, matches, florida water, kuripe, 7ml rapé, and tissues)

  3. The 5 w's on rapé 

  4. How to prepare a sacred space

  5. Understanding the importance of intentions and the power of words

  6. Protection and safety while going into ceremony

  7. A step by step process on honoring the plant medicine and ceremony

  8. This workshop comes with a glossary of spiritual terms for those that are new to spirituality 

  9. This workshop includes a glossary of over 25 different rapé's.  Valerie has connected to each plant and channeled the beautiful ways each plant can assist you.  These plants all have their own individual strengths with healing.  This also includes the different ways you can heal with rapé

  10. The Zoom session post watching the video will include Valerie walking you through a ceremony from beginning to end as well as channeling information from your spirit guides

  11. As you grow the confidence with your connection to this plant medicine you can also book additional 1 hour zooms with Valerie to learn with confidence and a process how to heal, activate chakras and gifts, and connect to the many helpers for universal knowledge.  Whether it is connecting to the moon, healing, or even an ascended master.  She is here to support your growth and confidence in your individual connection 


What you will Need:

  1. Comfortable clothing

  2. Journal

  3. Water or tea

  4. Whatever makes you feel comfortable when you are in your sacred space whether it is your crystals, a special pillow, sage, candles, it is your moment to create.  If you are new to this and don't have a routine that's okay too.  This workshop is for every level.

Please Read Before Booking:

Thank you for showing interest in this course.  Please respect the time and energy it takes to channel and provide this knowledge from spirit to you.  Use this course for yourself and your personal growth.  If you absolutely love it, I want to share my gratitude and appreciate if you refer your friends to also be a part of their own empowerment journey.  Sending my love, Valerie