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My Approach

With Valerie Moon
The Shadow Mother

The "Truth" of my job:

I am here as a vessel, a teacher, a healer to those looking to dive into the depths of their healing, connections, and message from spirit.  I do this with compassion, love, humility, wisdom, and divine truth.  What does that mean?  Sometimes I will say the hard truths, but know that this is coming from a supportive place.  I am here to cheer you on with your healing and growth, it isn't easy.  You are not alone with this, I am here until you complete your intentions.  Part of my natural gift set is projection, meaning that I project what is deeply needed as a mirror onto you.  Acknowledging what needs healing is how I heal people so our talks are crucial. What that means is that I can be your super hero until we get to the really difficult parts of healing that you may be avoiding or not want to face.  Often times people can shift and into not liking me or feel as though I am out to get them.  Just know I do not take this personal, I am still here to love you no matter what phase of your healing you are in.  We will get through this together.  

3 Steps of a Mega Healing:


1.  The Intake: Spirit shows what is in your best and highest good.  Some of what comes up are issues that are preventing you from living your best life.  There are times these issues are hard to hear.  Just know it is not without solution.  They will not show that you are detached without a treatment plan on how to connect to people.  This is all done when we do our intake.  This intake appointment is led by your guides.  It is a series of questions that help identify some root issues that are creating discord in your life.   This phone call is typically about an hour.


2. The Appointment:  Our phone call comes with acknowledgement and intentions.  You may notice after your intentions are set with your healing that memories or emotions may surface for you.  Just be kind to yourself.  Your Mega Healing is not done in person or by zoom.  It is done without your presence.  This deep Shadow Work takes craft and concentration.  There is a long list on the Mega Healing page of what could take place during a healing session and most of the list is done within one session for any given issue that we are working on.  I have found that I can get more work done when I don't have to hold space for you during this healing.  It is beautiful and powerfully shifting to your energy.


3. The Follow-Up Call: We set up a phone call going over all that was healed  during your session.  Many times there are lessons and messages from spirit after a past life is viewed.  Outside of that I will give you all the details on your chakras an aura during the session.  During that call I process with you anything that needs to be done and make sure that you feel supported with all of the information that was just given to you.  It is really helpful to journal with your healing process to reflect and see your growth.  Please know that after your follow-up call if you have anything surface after, you are not alone.  You can text me or even set up another phone call to answer any questions or issues as you come into alignment.

3 Steps of a House Clearing and Blessing:

1. Intake: We will set up a phone call.  During this phone call you will describe what is going on with you or your home.  Spirit will tell me what is needed to help you.  If I am meant to help you I will ask that you send me photos of your family, house, land, and even your pets.  There will be a lot of pictures and details are given before we get off the phone.  And yes I clear your pets too!  They are part of the family!


2. Clearing: I do the clearing remotely.  This is the way I have always done it and have gotten very good results for my clients.  

3. The Follow-up Call: During this call we go over everything I found within the clearing and any messages that need to be given to you regarding the issues.  There have been a few times that issues may surface in layers.  Please know and trust spirit does this for a reason and I am here to support you after the initial clearing.  If something surfaces after PLEASE reach out to me, you are not annoying me and yes this is included in the price of the clearing.  Like I said sometimes there are layers to different issues, it is not common but I do add this in here so people feel comfortable reaching back out to me.  





Workshops and Classes:

I am here to empower those that come to me whether they are just beginning their spiritual work or if they are practitioners looking to expand their gifts and raise their vibration.  I want people to know that they have the tools and don't need to depend on a practitioner.  I support.  As you do Mega Healings you may find that you are expanding your awareness.  We ALL have gifts and abilities, raising your vibration permanently by healing does bring in a stronger connection to source.  This can activate certain gifts you have or create growth around gifts you are using.  I offer classes and workshops to continue your healing process, teach you how to connect through tools of divination, or journeying.  Your connection is the most important connection there is.  Your messages you receive and being one with yourself is where I want to see everyone.  I may start as your healer but I want you to feel a sense of independence. 


I love each and every one of you:

This journey is about you, the change you want to see, the patterns you want to shift, and the gifts you want to expand within yourself.  I want you to succeed.  I find myself getting so excited with each and every person as they come into alignment with their goals.  It is beautiful and I am honored to be a part of this work and each person that chooses me to be part of their journey.  I genuinely love each of you.

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