Mini Clearing & Balancing

With Valerie Moon
The Shadow Mother


Mini Clearing & Balancing
Pets & People

Mini Clearing and Balancing:

I created this appointment for those that needed a clearing without diving into the depths of shadow work with a whole mega healing.


This appointment will include:

1. Healing the aura if it is compromised

2. Clearing the energetic field, auric field, and chakras of any lower vibrational energy sitting on the surface (this includes stress energy and energetic imprints that are sitting on the surface)

3. Bringing balance to any over/underactive chakras

4. Cutting unhealthy ethereal cords

5. Bringing in divine healing energy to fill the voids of any of the energy that was removed.

6. PLEASE read this.  If you have a single attachment, I will clear you.  I will not be able to clear you if you have multiple attachments that are needing to be addressed.  You will need to book a mega healing as it takes much more time and healing to complete this.  

7. A 10-15 minute follow up call.  Please be mindful of the time with this call.  I have made this appointment very affordable for people so I can offer support in different ways as you are on your journey.  

Making your appointment:

  1. Book this appointment and Valerie will clear and balance your energy remotely.  If your issue is time sensitive and there is not an available appointment for the same day please fill out the contact form and Valerie will reach out to you. 

  2. When she is done with the clearing she will text you to set up a 10-15 minute phone call to go over what was cleared during the appointment.