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Mini Healing

With Valerie Moon
The Shadow Mother

Mini Clearing/ Healing

$50 Monthly Membership Options Available
Which Option do I Choose?

1. Clearing/Healing/Balancing:

       Aura, Energetic body, and Chakras

The not really "MINI" Mini Healing:

1. FULL Chakra Scan (7 chakras) for any blocks or issues creating a healthy flow of energy

2. Clearing/Healing/Boosting the Chakras 

3. Clearing the energetic field of lower vibrational energy sitting on the surface.  (Imprints or Dimensional energy that is caused by triggers, arguments with people, or everyday stress)

2. Clearing/Healing/Boosting the Aura     

5. Prana Flush

4. Cutting unhealthy ethereal cords 

5. A single attachment, this does not include entity possession.  I will not be able to clear you if you have multiple attachments that are needing to be addressed, a mega healing will need to be booked.

6. Bringing balance to any over/underactive chakras

7. Bringing in divine healing energy to fill the voids of any of the energy that was removed.

8. A 10-15 minute follow up call.  Please be mindful of the time with this call.  I have made this appointment very affordable for people so I can offer support in different ways as you are on your journey.  

2. Spirit Guides Reading:

       Psychic Reading 

Are you feeling stuck in life or need guidance on your journey?  A channeled reading from Valerie can help lead you through those moments.  When it comes to the future, there is so much angst, whether it is within your career, home life, relationships, your spiritual awakening, or even finances.  The one very frustrating thing about psychic readings is that we all do have FREE WILL.  There are so many roads and paths we can take that will completely change the trajectory.  When you channel with Valerie you will not only receive guidance but she will also help you delve into the different paths that you face.  You will be shown timelines and understanding of the choices you are making in your life.  Oftentimes when we are spiritually read, that reading quite frankly can become our reality.  It is important to know that you are the one that manifests your future so lets look at the roads together and see how they unfold for you.  Empower you in your choices for your life.  As with all of Valerie's work, the future can share our lessons and how they may negatively impact a certain path.  This sacred guidance is to help you succeed with your intentions and be empowered with what you are facing.


 3. Shamanic Journeying/Tools of Divination

         Guided Meditative Journeys &

         Support/Channeled message to connect using Tools

Have you taken the Shamanic Journey or Pendulum Class with me?  I know that using new tools can be somewhat overwhelming at times.  I don't want any of you to ever feel like you are alone with your journey.  If you need help or would like me to guide you through a journey, book this quicky appointment.  This session can also be used for any tool of divination that you need guidance with (ie. Pendulum, Runes, Tarot, Oracle, etc.).  This session is only 30 minutes long but is plenty of time to get direction and clarity as you are navigating strengthening your connection to source. and releasing the conscious mind to receive the answers you need with clarity.  This should only be booked if you have previously taken the classes with Valerie Moon Healing.  If you are a Transformational Journey Client, this is included in your phone support so don't book this appointment. 

4. Gift Guidance & Mentoring

        Mentoring and Gift Practice

Have you stepped into using your gifts and need to practice something new? Need to create a process around a new area of your gift that you are tapping into? Need direct guidance from your Spirit Guides?  Book this quick appointment.  When I was starting to use my gifts, and even years in, I would channel so much information and it would definitely take some time to unravel all the information I was receiving.  I remember thinking at the time how amazing it would be to be able to process with someone to just organize and practice it all.  This is an empowerment appointment.  Step into your gifts with confidence.   It doesn't matter how long you have been doing this work, having support is such a beautiful connection and leads to beautiful and smooth expansion of all your hard work.  

Making your appointment:

  1. Option #1 Book this appointment and Valerie will send you a short questionnaire asking if there is any concerns that brought you to this booking.  She will clear/heal/balance your energy remotely.  If your issue is time sensitive and there is not an available appointment for the same day please fill out the contact form and Valerie will reach out to you.  When she is done with the clearing she will text you to set up a 10-15 minute phone call to go over what was cleared during the appointment.  

  2.  Option #2, #3, #4  Book the appointment and Valerie will call you for your 30 minute reading.  If we have started our reading and you want to extend the call, this can be done if time allows and you will be invoiced after the call for the additional time.  Have your questions ready.  If you prefer zoom please let Valerie know at least 30 minutes before your scheduled call.

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