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Mega Healing 

With Valerie Moon
The Shadow Mother

Mega Healing 1 Cord per session


Monthly Membership Option
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What is Shadow Work:

Our shadow self is led by the subconscious mind and is very much connected to repressed emotions and an accumulation of all the experiences that we have had whether it is connected to this life, a past life, or our ancestors.  When we are triggered in life it should be looked at as a time of introspection.  Most often we project outwards towards the people that we feel are hurting us.  Although it can be hard to see these moments as a gift, our triggers are very much our physical and emotional body telling us there is a wound that is in need of healing. Knowing where to start can be very overwhelming.  Sometimes it feels impossible to break patterns or know where to start with this work. 

How to Navigate Healing your Shadows

The Mental, Emotional, and Physical self:

As I have continued to learn from this work, I have understood the many ways in which our shadows affect our behavior, emotions, and physical body.  Over the years there has been a beautiful transformation for so many people that I work with. I have found that some patterns are so deeply engrained in us that we hold  in some of this energy in our physical body as well.  My spirit guides have really lead me in understanding how to fully transform the mental, emotional, and physical body within the issues we are healing. Here are the 3 modalities I use:  Breathwork - to release the physical programs, Shamanic Journeying to release issues within your inner child and, Mega Healings to address the mental and emotional connections to the soul.  This combination has brought tears to my eyes as I complete the work with my clients.  What they thought was not possible within their personal struggles was and they find complete inner peace and happiness.  This work helps you fully connect to self love on a level that is hard to put into words.  

3 Steps in starting this work:

Healing is marathon, not a sprint.


1. I will set up an initial appointment for an intake.  This phone call typically takes between 45 minutes to an hour.  Your Spirit Guides lead with questions.  Part of healing and intentions is the ability to acknowledge and see what needs to be healed within you.  By the end of your intake they will have shown me a complete treatment plan for your healing to take place.  As we address the issues that have started from childhood your team may show anywhere from 10-12 ancestral cords.  Each healing brings in a shift within the theme we are working on ie. rejection, abandonment, co-dependency, abuse, addiction, and so on.  If you are coming for a specific pattern they will show during the intake exactly how it needs to be healed and show the amount of sessions it will take to accomplish your intentions.  

2. Your healing.  The healing is done remotely and you are not present for this moment.  This work that is being done is deep in the chakras and is known as energetic surgery.  I focus primarily on the healing and being present to do the work.  

3. I set up a follow up call for after the healing.  During this call we go over the ancestral healing, the past lives that needed to be viewed, the messages from your spirit team, and we process together.  I always want you to feel supported and encourage you to text me if you have any questions, recurring dreams, or thoughts after your healing.  There are no coincidences in this work and it is good to be able to have someone to support you in these moments.  ​

What we are Healing:

There are many ways in which a mega healing will take place.  I have put a list together of what I am healing during your mega healing. 


Click on the link of each item below to have a better understanding of what is happening during your healing session.

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