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House Clearing 

With Valerie Moon
The Shadow Mother


Do I need a House Clearing:

Your home is supposed to be a place of safety, peace, and comfort.  When your sacred space is compromised, it can be very stressful.  There are many different scenarios that will negatively disturb your home or your energy.  Anything that is connected to you that is negatively lowering your vibration and isn't in your best and highest good I call an attachment.  This is a broad term to describe any energy connected to you that does not belong to you.  These energetic intrusions can come with many different symptoms and influences.

How an attachment may affect you as an individual:

There are many ways that we are affected in our mind, body, and spirit when there are entities or earthbound spirits that are invading you or your home.  Although these are not all of the ways a person could shift here are some of the more common experiences that people have. 

  • Physical symptoms: Exhaustion, stomach aches, headaches, sleep deprivation, nightmares, soreness or flu like feeling

  • Emotional symptoms:  Irritable, anger, sadness, anxiety, dark thoughts

  • Spiritual symptoms: Not wanting to meditate or follow your normal energetic hygiene, your life force is being drained, you feel disconnected.  

How an attachment may affect your house or land:

Your house is an extension of you.  When it is out of balance it can be quite alarming.  Sometimes it might be really obvious and there are times where we are intuitively feeling that something is not right.  Here are some ways to connect if you need a house clearing.  There are many other things not listed, but again these are the most common experiences.   

  • You might actually see a spirit, shadows

  • The feeling that you are being followed or watched

  • Your belongings are being moved, disappear, doors open/close

  • The need to quickly exit a room or basement

  • You are doing something you love (like baking in the kitchen) and there is a loss of either nostalgia, love, passion, or wholesome feeling it usually brings you

  • You walk in your house after a long day at work and you the "vibe" feels heavy, dark, not relaxing.  You don't want to be there

  • You are continual issues with electrical, water, or even growing plants on the land

What we are Clearing, Healing, and Blessing:


This clearing includes, your house, land, the people in the home as well as your animals.  If you are looking to have your home or object clearing please book the complimentary clearing consultation below.  It is important to know that sage does not clear your home of entities.  Sage is a beautiful tool meant to clear our home of the energy based on our everyday experience such as stress, a bad argument, it is not capable of clearing your home of conscious level beings.  It is also so important to have a professional come in to help if you are not familiar with these types of issues.  Some energy needs healing, some beings need to be crossed over, some need to go back to their home, and whatever is removed from your body needs to be replaced with divine healing energy and balancing.  Leaving energetic voids can invite back the issues you are looking to remove.  Here is a list of some of the issues that are dealt with during a home clearing.

  • Curse/Oath/Vow/Condemnation/Binding/Stigmata removal connected to person/land/home

  • Ley line Shift

  • Portal Removal

  • Vortex Removal

  • Gateway Removal

  • Trauma Loop Removal

  • Earthbound spirit Cross or Removal

  • Lower Level Entity Removal

  • Reptilian Removal

  • Multi-Dimensional Removal

  • Conscious and Non-conscious thought forms

  • Unhealthy Ethereal Cords

  • Imprint Removal 

  • Balance energy

  • Divine healing brought in

It is common to not understand these terms that are listed, you don't need to for these services to be performed.  Part of hiring someone with all of this is so you can just take a nice deep breath and not have to worry.  If you are curious there are hyperlinks for more information.  If something is confusing or doesn't resonate with you, it is okay to just release what doesn't resonate and allow the healing to come in for what does. The most important part of this is feeling peace again for yourself and for your home.  


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