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Chakra Healing

With Valerie Moon
The Shadow Mother



What is Chakra Healing:

​As a healer I realize how important empowerment is within healing.  When I started my work I was eternally grateful for the practitioners that helped me because it was life changing.  I also realized how dependent I was on others.  Healing should be accessible for everyone.  It should be affordable for everyone as well.  This workshop is meant to help those that are looking for deep healing in each chakra.  It can be done over 8 weeks and don't recommend doing more than one chakra a week.  You can even work on one chakra a month.  It is your pace and your comfort level with your healing.


This is a beautiful tool for healing the layers within our chakra.  Every single experience we have is energetically stored within us.  It is not necessary to hold onto lower vibrational energy from our life experiences.  The amount of shifting that can be done with these channeled meditations is powerful.  It is normal as you are releasing trauma to have symptoms similar to my mega healings (tired, emotional, flu like symptoms).  Please reach out if you have questions about this.  

What is Included in this Workshop:

  1. Chakra information workbook

  2. Short introduction video

  3. 7 guided healing meditations

  4. Tools to receiving message and healing from God, Deities, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, and your spirit team.  

What you will Learn:

  1. Empowerment with your connection to your higher self and spirit guides.  This will give you the ability to work and heal the chakras independently. 

  2. An in depth break down of each chakra (properties, affirmations, balance sheet)

  3. Associations to each chakra (stones, planets, herbs, oils, elements, solfeggio frequency, physical connections, foods)

  4. Journal Prompts to encourage healing the root cause of issues

  5. Identifying your feelings using a healing wheel

  6. How to use everyday triggers for healing

  7. Intentions 101

  8. The different healers that come to heal us

  9. A list of Angels, Ascended Masters, Deities, and Gods for each chakra, a prayer or invocation to call them in during your healing meditation.

  10. Mudra chart for emotional well being

  11. Learn how to use these meditations over and over to continue to peel back the layers that we need to heal within us.  These meditations are infused with healing energy and support from both my team and yours.  They created and meant to be used over and over again. 

What you will Need:

  1. Comfortable clothing

  2. Journal

  3. Water or tea

  4. Whatever makes you feel comfortable when you are in your sacred space whether it is your crystals, a special pillow, sage, candles, it is your moment to create.  If you are new to this and don't have a routine that's okay too.  This workshop is for every level.

Please Read Before Booking:

Thank you for showing interest in this course.  Please respect the time and energy it takes to channel and provide this knowledge from spirit to you.  Use this course for yourself and your personal growth.  If you absolutely love it, I want to share my gratitude and appreciate if you refer your friends to also be a part of their own empowerment journey.  Sending my love, Valerie

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